You’ll love Advantage Insurance because…

I think Advantage Insurance is a great place to bring your business because it is a family atmosphere where we remember your name and your story. You talk to the same people each time so you don’t have to tell your story again and again to a new person each time. (We’re kind of like an Iowa version of the show “Cheers, ” because you wanna go where everyone knows your name!) We consider you part of the Advantage family and want to stay in good contact with you — have you liked us on Facebook yet?

Also, we have a large variety of companies we work with so we can fit everyone to a company with good coverage for their needs and in their budget.

Last but not least, we are not just about price. We are not going to get you in the door with a low ball quote and poor coverage. We won’t give you a policy we don’t think covers you appropriately. We’ll take the time to inform you on what the policy’s coverage is and what it means, line by line, and why we recommend it. For example, we will not write the state minimum limits on an auto policy because we feel that coverage is not sufficient. We also will not write a home policy without replacement cost coverage.


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